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A lot of people have the misconception that architects are only useful if you are working on a major commercial building. The truth is that architects are crucial to getting the right design if you are building a home from scratch. They are also very helpful for residential remodels, because they can give you multiple options related to upgrades on the home’s interior and exterior.

Here is a look at some of the services provided by our team:

This is the first part of any project. It is the part where an architect will get together with the homeowner or renter and talk about how they want the project to go. It is crucial for the homeowner and designer to have a sense of synergy when it comes to the project. If the two individuals cannot agree on a common goal, it makes sense for the homeowner to find another architect.
In our case, an architect will come to your home and provide a run through of all your possible options. This is done by taking your input into account.
Our expert will look over the exterior and see what possible options they can present to the homeowner. Also, they will talk with the homeowner about the budget for this project.

While conversations do take place about the design in the programming phase, it is afterward that the architect takes their time and comes up with the schematics for your new home or remodel. Everything about the project is incorporated into this phase. Our architects will do a lot more than make rough sketches for the design phase. They will look into the budget of their design, materials needed and a time frame for the possible project.

Design Development:
Here our architects will make their rough sketches more permanent. They will finalize everything and try to present you with as accurate a model as possible. With modern technology, this often means taking computer software to come up with 2D and 3D models of the design. If it is a remodel, it will show you the existing exterior space with the new design. If it is a fully-fledged home construction, you will see how the finished product will look.

Every part of the project is shown in this phase. For example, your remodel may include the need for a gate installation service. If this is the case, the final design will show exactly how this new gate will look in relation to the rest of your home.

Hiring and Construction:
If the design is not approved by the homeowner, our architects will make changes and present updated version. The construction and contractor-hiring process only begin when the design is completely approved. This includes approval for the budget, materials and the project’s time frame.

When all of this is complete, the architect will hire contractors and get started on the physical work involved in making your home construction or remodel a reality, this will include hiring the construction workers, plumbers, gate installation service crew and other relevant workers.

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