About Us

From the beginning, our goal has been and remains in the sphere of professional services offered by our clients. Each architectural project is considered new challenge in finding the optimal solution in terms of integration in context, theme-place object. Assigning identity for any product designed in order characterizes our office architecture that accompanies creative approach Kub Architects architectural studio.

Bureau of Architecture “Kub Architects” realizes projects:
-Residence Luxury;
-Housing urban
-Interior Design
-Landscape Design, street furniture;
-Design object;
-Case holiday for all regions;
-Interior designs of apartments, suites and villas, commercial, office, industrial buildings etc. Office of architecture “Kub Architects’ full service: -Project-management; -Consulting; -Design architecture; -Design resistance; -Studies preliminary urban; -Studies lighting; -Develop documentation PUD -Assistance specialist during the execution objective; -Develop specialized studies: technical expertise, topographic surveys, Geo-technical studies; -Develop documentation / obtaining approvals and permits for Construction authorization; -On-site field recommendations.